Retail Site Selection

Retail Site Selection

An online platform for your Location Research! 

Local Eyes provides a scientifically proven Site Selection tool. Our analysis calculates your company's potential revenue, relative to your competition, based on your Trade Area and Dynamic Geo Location Capabilities.


Who is it for?

Many customer facing organisations, from a variety of sectors, actively engage in spatial analysis:

  • Retailers: high street, shopping centre, retail park, superstore, and convenience, operators
  • Distributors: organisations reliant on sales through partner outlets
  • Property: retail, office, and industrial agents; investors, developers, and centre operators
  • Leisure: pubs, restaurants, cinemas, bookmakers, event organisers, tourist attractions
  • Professional services: financial, legal, and medical operators; other service providers
  • Public sector services: health centres, libraries, and other public service providers


What do we offer?

  • Discover the best locations
  • Extract the full value of your locations
  • Forecast Sales, use our technology to predict sales of new openings

Get it wrong when investing in bricks and mortar and the ramifications can be far reaching. Local Eyes minimizes your exposure to risk by …

  • The identification of critical success factors
  • Matching new locations with target market aspirations
  • Achieving the best possible proximity to customers
  • Finding more advantageous locations than your competitors
  • Evaluating overlap between your own stores and those of your competitors
  • Identifying unseen trends and relationships

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Electric Car
Big Car
  • Electric Car
  • Big Car
  • Van
  • Truck
Weight:1580 kg
Driver:Tim Overbeek
Start time:8:00 AM
End time:10:05 PM
KL-8153 DE
Weight:2041 kg
Driver:Miranda Jones
Start time:10:02 PM
End time:11:46 PM
Weight:4535 kg
Driver:Joey Storm
Start time:06:00 AM
End time:09:33 AM
KF-0023 DE
Weight:4970 kg
Driver:Alex Kooijman
Start time:11:15 PM
End time:04:20 AM

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