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About us

Local Eyes believes our services and solutions are helping people to move faster, better and to achieve their business goals. We like to think we’re the linking chain between organizations, people and technology. Our success lies in the hands of our dedicated employees which are the cartographers of modern times. In our work we put our friendliness, hands-on and problem-solving attitude.

Our objective
Our main goal is to bring you the latest technologies into your industry:  to ease the process and be efficient. Along with our partners we are constantly trying our best to make the world a better place via technology. We are fully aware of how important the mapping industry is shaping the future of technology and we are very happy to be part of it.  

Whether you’re a cartographer, a programmer or just really love gadgets and apps – you’re sure to find your ideal destination at Local Eyes. As a technology company with a strong moral compass, we are passionate about making mobility safer, cleaner and more convenient. We’re improving the quality of life of people living in cities and empowering businesses to be more productive and efficient. At Local Eyes, we thrive on making amazing things possible.

Growth and innovation
30 years ago, a map was a folded piece of paper. Today, interactive maps are on every smartphone and we’re paving the way towards autonomous driving. Where will we be tomorrow? Local Eyes is always on the lookout for new talent to help us navigate the cities of the future and drive company growth.

More than just maps
Maps remain at the heart of the Local Eyes mission. But what we are building today is, of course, very different from our earliest maps. We’ve evolved from static visualizations to cloud-enabled, live representations of a world in constant motion. With the backing of leading automotive companies, we are ready to deliver the next generation of mobility and location-based services for companies big and small.

We love working at Local Eyes
Local Eyes is packed with smart people from around the world. Our office fosters an open environment where good ideas are encouraged and embraced. There’s also plenty of flexibility within the company, options for achieving an ideal work/life balance and various other extras on offer.

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