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About us

About us

Local Eyes is a leading provider of location intelligence and data solutions. As a reseller and integrator of geospatial technologies, we believe that forming connections is the basis for business success: connections between people, places, and things. With our products and services, we provide businesses with the dynamic, on-demand data they need to increase their decision-making power.

Our history

We were founded in 2012 with a commitment to using location data to improve how businesses and cities are run. Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Local Eyes has been optimizing decision-making for our clients for almost a decade and in recent years has signed a number of strategic partnerships with domestic and international organizations.

Our expertise

Our team boasts years of experience in the fields of location data, mapping, and infrastructure management. Whether in the domain of marketing, analytics, or software development, our employees are ready to offer customers the support they need. 

Our solutions

At Local Eyes, we offer a range of services involving software, data, content, consulting, and research. These include:

  • Fleet management - Local Eyes supports businesses with their fleet management, helping them to reduce costs and improve driver safety. We deliver fleet management in a variety of ways, utilizing metrics based on historical and real-time data.
  • Geocoding Our Geocoder component lets you translate an address into GPS coordinates, such as latitude/longitude, while reverse geocoding resolves GPS coordinates into an address. This makes it fast and easy to understand complex location-relative relationships and improve all aspects of your business.
  • Geomarketing - Enhance your advertising ecosystem by embracing geomarketing. By incorporating micro‐geographic analysis, businesses can create new growth opportunities and discover valuable insights.
  • Telematics - The telematics industry is in the midst of an exciting transformation, driven by a new era of in-vehicle connectivity. With our support, telematics-based services can enable businesses to manage their fleets better, measure risk more accurately, and empower their employees.
  • Route optimization - Our Tour Planning solution finds the most cost-efficient sequence of stops based on traffic information and routing. It also considers multiple constraints that can be defined when specifying a particular routing problem.
  • Traffic data - We combine precision mapping and real-time big data to create an up-to-the-minute industry-leading traffic service. By processing billions of GPS data points every day through our industry-leading traffic engine, we enable our clients to give their drivers both accuracy and assurance.

    Last mile delivery hero

Last mile delivery hero

Our clients

At Local Eyes, we work with a broad spectrum of clients from across the business world. Our customers include leading global logistics software company Alpega, financial services firm Western Union, and many others. The core sectors we serve are:

  • Smart cities - The use of IoT sensors and detailed data analysis has meant that our urban spaces are becoming more intelligent than ever before. Our traffic services and car sensor data can help your company join the smart city revolution and streamline your mobility.
  • Software Services - Our mapping platform is accessible to software developers to use for building web, mobile, or desktop apps, allowing them to add the power of location data to their digital solutions. 
  • Transport and Logistics - Time management and fuel efficiency are of the utmost importance in industries where margins are wafer-thin. With our solutions, you can better meet your schedules and customer demands.
  • Government - Whether it concerns the monitoring of public events, the transferal of municipal information, or the assessment of new developments, government bodies have a huge need for better location data. We help them meet this need.
  • Insurance - Data is fast becoming the lifeblood of the insurance sector, providing the kind of transparency and accountability that benefits both insurers and customers alike. Our mapping tools can be used to deliver important insights and manage claims more effectively.  
  • Retail - Our Site Analysis tool can help your company find the perfect location for your new retail store location. Plus, our web application is simple to use and doesn't require special training or advanced analytical skills.

About HERE

Solutions by Local Eyes are powered by the HERE Location Platform and delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to customers all over the world.

HERE is a location technology pioneer that has been helping to move people, goods, and businesses forward since 1985. It is recognized as the world’s number-one location platform, with its maps used in more than 150 million vehicles.

How Local Eyes and HERE work together

HERE technology may underpin the solutions offered by Local Eyes but our service goes far beyond that of a simple reseller. We add value by providing our clients with world-class support, delivered by our first-rate employees and fostered by a company culture that puts innovation first.

We are passionate about making mobility safer, cleaner, and more convenient, regardless of your industry, geography, or company size. By collaborating with HERE but offering our own unique expertise, we can help your company unlock the “Value of Where.”

Local Eyes

Delivering the “Value of Where”

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