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By using  the HERE platform combined the Local Eyes intelligence, our clients are able to gain insights about their customers by combining accurate location and car data.

More and more insurance companies can now assist customers by supporting and rewarding them in safe driving, therefore discounting them on their driving behaviour.

The timely updated and highly accurate Here maps provide overall insights based on location which can be used in tracking driving patterns and managing claims. 


Faster claim handling based on insights/facts

Precise information for your claims can be stored and used in case

Complex data

Complex driver behaviour insights can be stored/ archived

Increases accuracy

The most frequently updated location and positioning maps or roads provide reliable and trustful location information
Electric Car
Big Car
  • Electric Car
  • Big Car
  • Van
  • Truck
Weight:1580 kg
Driver:Tim Overbeek
Start time:8:00 AM
End time:10:05 PM
KL-8153 DE
Weight:2041 kg
Driver:Miranda Jones
Start time:10:02 PM
End time:11:46 PM
Weight:4535 kg
Driver:Joey Storm
Start time:06:00 AM
End time:09:33 AM
KF-0023 DE
Weight:4970 kg
Driver:Alex Kooijman
Start time:11:15 PM
End time:04:20 AM

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