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5 Reasons Why HERE tops Google as #1 Maps Platform [infographic inside]

In this blogpost we will share 5 key factors why we believe that HERE Maps tops Google as number 1 maps vendor. Insights in this posts are taken from the Ovum Location Platform Index.  Read More 

1. Business Model / Monetization

As we've already discussed in this article: http://local-eyes.nl/page/comparing-google-maps-and-here-maps-pricing Google, since June this year, has updated their maps API platform prices. In some instances they have increased their pricing whit over 1400%, causing developers to shake their head against Google.

Compared to Google, HERE is better priced; offering a larger free price tier and charging as much as $1 per extra 1000 API calls after you crossed the limit of 250K API calls. 

2. HERE is rated as the most complete Map

According to Ovum's Location Platform Index, HERE is the only one to best Google in the completeness index. HERE has made it their mission to provide the world's most accurate representation of the world. More info about HERE?  By combining several on- and offline data sources HERE builds their map according to the Reality Index, which is an index of how 'real' the world looks according to several data sources.

3. Widely Trusted

4 out of 5 cars on the road trust on HERE's location data everyday, and countless businesses and instituions use HERE's map everyday to ensure their customers will receive an accurate ETA. The reach of HERE has even moreso extended as developers from all over the world have been involved in the HERE platform and joined the infamous HERE XYZ developer community.

4. Open SDK and API to everyone

Moreso than Google, HERE has opened up their API and SDK platform for developers to produce their own map prodcuts on top of the HERE maps layer.

Coming with a detailed API guide, developers are offered gigantic freedom in customizing the map as they wish.

5. Focus on Developers

Instead of focussing on the commercial side of things, HERE understands that the greatest source of their future growth comes from within: the deverlopers who use the maps every day to build location-based prodcuts. By organizing events and offering them the XYZ platfom, developers from all over the world can interact with eachother and share knowledge amongst eachother, thereby enriching and adding value to the maps itself.

Here is an infographic to illustrate what we mean: