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Motion-S Signs 2-year Deal with Local Eyes

Motion-S is a company in Luxembourg which uses HERE data to provide a platform for insurance companies, car sharing and other businesses to learn more about the driving behaviour and habits of their customers. It enables companies to create individual and more affordable products and services, leading to the promotion of safer and more efficient driving practices.

The device-agnostic telematics platform of Motion-S processes driving data both on real-time or in a retrospective mode over existing datasets. Mobility profiles are generated for every single driving session using contextualized maps data and aggregated per driver. Customized scores are calculated using a flexible rule-based mechanism according to road-safety and eco-driving. Both scores and driving performance metrics are then used as feedback to drivers through gamification apps.

Motion-S chose to partner with Local Eyes because they are the preferred reseller of HERE Technology in the Benelux and their technical expertise and profound experience in the field of insurance telematics contributed significantly to the success and ease of integration.