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Why Use HERE technologies?

HERE offers a cost-effective pricing model which scales as you grow. With only $1 per 1000 extra API calls, HERE is about 700% cheaper than Google. Discover how great the price for value is

HERE Voted as the best Mapping technology

According to Ovum’s report, comparing up to 10 different mapping vendors. HERE comes out on top, surpassing Google and TomTom at length. HERE among other factors, has been praised for providing industry leading response times with a small paload/data packet size. Also it support cross-screen, cross-platform service that supports development on desktop and mobile.

Made for Developers

HERE offers a completely open source API which developers can use to make custom mapping solutions. It has an modular architecture that enables pick-and-choose functionalities and offers the possibility to customize objects such as markers, info-bubbles. HERE has the largest developer community in the world and collaborates with them to constantly improve its API.