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HERE Geocoding API provides high precision matching of coordinates and addresses. Giving you the insights you need to raise the bar on your business

  • Geocoding From real-world location to geo-coordinates
  • Autocomplete Get search results just after having typed the first characters
  • Reverse Geocoding From geo-coordinates to real-world location
  • Batch Geocoding Automated processing of thousands of real world locations

The Geocoder component, part of the HERE Platform for Business, empowers you to translate an address into GPS coordinates, such as latitude/longitude, while reverse geocoding resolves GPS coordinates into an address. Supporting massive batch requests, geocoder services makes it fast and easy to understand complex location-relative relationships and improve all aspects of your business.

Western Union, Cyclomedia, Navads and many others trust in our geocoding services.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor local eyes

Electric Car
Big Car
  • Electric Car
  • Big Car
  • Van
  • Truck
Weight:1580 kg
Driver:Tim Overbeek
Start time:8:00 AM
End time:10:05 PM
KL-8153 DE
Weight:2041 kg
Driver:Miranda Jones
Start time:10:02 PM
End time:11:46 PM
Weight:4535 kg
Driver:Joey Storm
Start time:06:00 AM
End time:09:33 AM
KF-0023 DE
Weight:4970 kg
Driver:Alex Kooijman
Start time:11:15 PM
End time:04:20 AM

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