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Getting to Know the HERE Platform

Highly Accurate Location Data

HERE has industry leading location data quality, combining several verified data sources to ensure inch-to-inch accuracy. This data ensures that businesses can scale their operations using the HERE platform to give customers an highly accurate ETA, deliver on time and to meet stringent specifications.

Rich and Detailed Data

HERE has devoted itself to deliver the most realistic digital represenation of the world. This has motivated HERE to establish over 900 verified maps attributes and to continuously update their global road network coverage so that businesses and institutions from all over the world can serve their customers the best way possible.

Freshness of Location Data

Map 'Freshness', or the level to which the map is up-to-date is one of the core drivers that delivers the value of the HERE platform. Already since 2013, HERE has been updating their map database with 100% accurate validated data. HERE also publishes 75% of their data on a daily basis; topping of other maps vendors which update their maps to a significant lower rate.