Mobility On-Demand

A toolkit for on-demand app developers

If you want to go to market with a ride-hailing, carpooling, food delivery, package delivery or other kind of on-demand app, this toolkit is for you.

Local Eyes understands that you operate in a marketplace that is competitive, volatile and demanding. Your customers and passengers expect convenience, timely delivery and high standards of customer service. Your drivers, food runners and courier agents expect efficient dispatch, zero idle time and to be able to do as many trips in a day as they can. And then there is the competitive landscape: there are new entrants coming into the market all the time and the landscape is always changing.

HERE has been listening to her customers and the developer community and has put these learnings into this product. We are committed to helping you win – to helping you build a strong product, go to market quickly and delight your users.

Working with us, you are given many choices. You can deep link your app to HERE's highly-rated consumer navigation app and go to market quickly. This way, you save development time and resources, you keep your app light and you give your drivers the full experience of HERE's navigation app. It only takes a few hours before you are ready for launch. Alternatively, you can use HERE's SDK to build rich custom navigation features into your mobile app and give your users compelling reasons to stay loyal to you.


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Everything in one toolkit

Access all HERE's standard APIs, extended APIs, SDKs and navigation app. Work with HERE's industry-leading APIs for geocoding, drive-time area calculations, ETA calculations, geofencing and more.

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Pricing that is just right

Pay-per-order. Simple. No complicated price plans, no hassle. Keep your billing simple and your costs predictable.

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Help every step of the way

Get step-by-step guides on how to use our APIs and SDKs to build new features into your apps. Receive continued excellent technical and customer support to help you get started quickly.


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