Comparing Google Maps and HERE Maps Pricing

A complete overview of Google versus HERE's pricing and features in a 1-1 comparison

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Comparing Google Maps Pricing and HERE Maps Pricing: An alternative to Google Maps API

As of recent, Google has adjusted their pricing plans for their Google Maps API, basically in order for them to monetize their platform better. Where before developes could use the fremium plan to make up to 28000 calls a day to the API, now, developers only are allowed to make 25,000 calls per month. This is covered in a 200$ credit Google offers you on a monthly basis that developes can use up and afterwards their paid plan starts rolling.

Developers from every business have caused uproar on forrums to express their feelings towards Google’s changes. And we feel they are absolutely right. Why?

Because in some cases, Google has changed the pricing by over 1400%! For developers on a budget, this means serious increases in their spending.

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What exactly has changed regarding the Price Maps Google?


Like before Google now offers two pricing plans, the Free model and the Premium model but they are both connected to one Google Cloud account, in which you have to prefill your payment details. You know what this means: you forget about how many API calls you made and end up with a bill higher than a tree. You use up the free $200 credit and after that for each extra call you make you pay in pricing tiers.

Comparing Google Maps and HERE Maps

Response from Developers

As already stated in the introduction, many developers have expressed their feelings online and posted outrage against Google’s new map pricing policy. They are looking for an alternative and according to a recent study by Ovum, HERE is the number one contender to Google, making this a logical choice.

comparing google versus here-support
google versus here - developers


Google has said to put a silver lining around the grey cloud it brought and said to revamp their support. Google makes the case that if you really use the product and make a lot of API calls, Google is there for you to scale up and support you, whenever.

The support for both packages has improved to access to 24/7 support and max. 1 hour response time during working days. On weekends however, you have to find out yourself.

The API plans according to Google Maps pricing are now easier to understand. Where before they were up to 18 different API pricing variations, Google said to boil them down to just three: Maps, Routes and Places. This is to support developers better. However, if you look at the pricing table below, do you feel like Google’s argument is any legitimate?

Comparison: HERE Maps API vs Google Maps API

As reaction to Google, HERE has revised its pricing model and adapted prices accordingly. The table below compares the two vendor in pricing. Where before the pricing and packages were limited and more expensive, prices have dropped significantly and the number of free API calls is extended. Google has increased it prices with 1400% and also limited their free version. This is why HERE is much more attractive than Google, as you can use the freemium model and use 250.000 API calls per day. Versus 28.000 from Google.

Route Optimization software HERE
google versus here – conclusion

Conclusion Google Maps Pricing

For many personal users and small-scale applications, the Standard Plan provides free access to core mapping functionalities. However, enterprises and high-traffic applications might opt for the more robust Premium Plan. This premium tier offers advanced features like real-time traffic updates, Street View integration, and dedicated technical support. The Google Maps pricing for the Premium Plan is based on monthly usage and tailored to the specific needs of the business.

It’s important to note that as of the last update in September 2021, Google Maps Platform underwent changes in its billing model, transitioning to a pay-as-you-go system, which means costs are determined by usage levels. Businesses should carefully assess their usage patterns and select an appropriate plan to ensure cost-effectiveness.


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