Location-Enabled Applications

The power of location is now available for your apps! Build location-enabled applications using our mapping platform, which is accessible to software developers to use for building web, mobile or desktop apps. Our customers choose Local Eyes for its continued and extensive customer support and widespread knowledge of the industry and its latest tools.

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Local Eyes uses industry knowledge and HERE’s Location Platform expertise to solve your toughest challenges and take your business to the next level. Launching a location-based application can be a tough and expensive challenge. With the right help and the use of tools that scale with your budget, things can get much more simplified. Let us help you envision your scariest ideas!

Below are just a few examples of what partners are doing to help users succeed.

Location-Enabled Applications


Contains the GlobeSpotter Web-Application which is used by several organizations to view and overlay geographical and administrative information in real time.



Provides leading telematic solutions in fleet tracking for trucks. Their clients come from different sectors: waste, environment, recycling and transport & logistics

Location-Enabled Applications

SupplyStack (DHL Partner)

Provides the Navigation Control Tower which helps companies track time, distance and performance.


Fleet Management

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Route Optimization

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Learn more about the advantages of building your location-enabled applications on the HERE platform.

Interested in learning more about HERE’s competitive pricing models and features? In our detailed one-pager we outline HERE’s main advantage points and compare them to other populair map providers such as Google, TomTom and Mapbox.


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Local Eyes is a leading provider of location intelligence and data solutions. As a reseller and integrator of geospatial technologies, we believe that forming connections is the basis for business success: connections between people, places, and things. With our products and services, we provide businesses with the dynamic, on-demand data they need to increase their decision-making power.

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