Optimize your Last Mile Delivery Process with our standalone App

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How we assist companies with their Last Mile Delivery

We offer HERE’s latest Last Mile Delivery Application and help Fleet Managers to cut their costs of last mile delivery, increase their productivity and retain drivers while their companies grow their online business

How the HERE platform boosts your company's Last Mile Delivery Performance

Decrease the cost of running your fleet by 20%

Reduce re-routing time by up to 90%

Increase driver productivity by up to 20%

The need for more intelligent delivery solutions

Last mile deliveries are under intense strain – thanks to tight deadlines, increasing costs and a rise in same and next day deliveries.

Made up of a digital dashboard for fleet managers and a mobile app for drivers, HERE Last Mile is a complete end-to-end solution to make your logistics smarter.

Last Mile Delivery app

Built on our highly accurate location data, HERE Last Mile plans the best route for your drivers. Increase your service by giving your customers more accurate ETAs and offering more competitive prices.

Optimize and plan urban deliveries across any fleet size. Plan smarter routes, react to sudden changes and feedback status updates in one, convenient application. Specifically designed for trucks, our end-to-end app calculates your route depending on hundreds of insights, taking into account route limitations such as low bridges, vehicle rules and inner-city restrictions.

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Dynamic Route Optimization

Satisfy your customers by providing accurate ETAs. Generate optimal multi-stop routes for your entire fleet, incorporating truck attributes and live traffic data. React to last-minute changes by adapting routes already underway. Create tailored journeys for special handling and time-sensitive goods.

Replan Routes Anytime

React quickly to changing conditions on the road as they occur.A dispatcher can replan routes when they are already planned and optimized with the last mile delivery app. Instantly reoptimize routes when adding new jobs or removing cancelled deliveries to uphold your ETAs.

Provide Driver Support

Provide Driver Support with the HERE Location App. Keep drivers aligned with run sheets, tour progress and completed deliveries. Provide turn-by-turn navigation and sync data between web and mobile applications.

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Cut Costs

Estimates indicate that last-mile delivery is the single biggest expense within an organization’s supply chain, contributing more than 40% of the total cost. With the HERE Last Mile Delivery App you are able to save up to 20% of your costs.

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Last Mile Delivery app

HERE Last Mile is an end-to-end tour planning solution for dispatchers and drivers that provides logistics management, fleet planning, optimization, routing, and analytics and provides full control of delivery operations. HERE Last Mile allows creating and optimizing tour plans for every vehicle in the fleet based on depot location, real-time traffic, job constraints, and driver shifts. Then, dispatching each tour straight to the appropriate driver, ensuring clear communication and visibility between management and employees.

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