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How we assist companies in their Fleet Management

Local Eyes helps businesses with their fleet management in order for them to meet their business objectives. With the solutions of HERE, we can help your business to optimise routing, save global costs and to assist workers in driving safer

Control your fleet

With our Fleet Management Solutions you can reduce costs, save time and improve sustainability by digitizing your fleet. Benefit from our highly accurate location data and advanced algorithms

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How the HERE platform boosts your company's performance

Decrease the cost of running your fleet by 20%

Reduce re-routing time by up to 90%

Increase driver productivity by up to 20%

Dynamic Route Optimization

Satisfy your customers by providing accurate ETAs. Generate optimal multi-stop routes for your entire fleet, incorporating truck attributes and live traffic data. React to last-minute changes by adapting routes already underway. Create tailored journeys for special handling and time-sensitive goods.

driver - location intelligence

Driver and Job Analysis

Understand route performance by comparing planned to actual routes and applying location data to gain real-world context. Improve driver safety by identifying unsafe patterns of behavior, such as aggressive braking at stop signs, to provide training feedback.

Driver Facing Solutions

Build a mobile-first app designed for two-way information flow between drivers and dispatchers, tackling last-minute job scheduling and route changes. Reduce driver stress with voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation based on real-time road conditions and regulatory restrictions.

Route Optimization software HERE

Commercial Vehicle Visibility

Track your trucks accurately by locating and monitoring your vehicles in real-time. Predict ETAs with a more precise overview of vehicles relative to their depots, warehouses and final destinations.

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Local Eyes is a leading provider of location intelligence and data solutions. As a reseller and integrator of geospatial technologies, we believe that forming connections is the basis for business success: connections between people, places, and things. With our products and services, we provide businesses with the dynamic, on-demand data they need to increase their decision-making power.

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