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As proud HERE Platinum Partner, Local Eyes offers you a premium maps product which helps you reduce costs and improve your technology.

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Looking for ways to optimize the last mile experience for your customers?

Optimize for the last mile experience of your customer by leveraging our Last Mile Delivery solution

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Leading the way with the best location-solutions

Fleet Management

We can help businesses optimize routing, save global costs and to assist workers in driving safer routes.


Make faster business decisions based on the study of geographical, socio-demographic and behavioral data.

Last Mile Logistics

We offer a location platform that leverages a range of data sources, including carrier data, GPS, and IoT sensors, to cut inefficiencies from your last-mile journey

Location Intelligence

More than half of all enterprises say that Location Intelligence is either critically important or very important to achieving their goals.


We turn connected car data into insights, digital services & revenue

Route Optimization

Satisfy your customers by providing accurate ETAs. Generate optimal multi-stop routes for your entire fleet, incorporating truck attributes and live traffic data.

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What you will learn
  • Why HERE Maps was chosen as number 1 maps technology provider
  • Why HERE Maps is suitable for any type of business and,
  • How the pricing tiers of HERE are designed to scale your company with affordable prices