Infrastructure planning

Infrastructure planning is done with the use of our help by governments around the world. We help citizens reach their destinations each day.

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Infrastructure planning is done easy with the help of Local Eyes.  Governments around the world are optimizing private en public transport to reach the desired location. Maximize your return on infrastructure investments with our extensive portfolio of spatial content. At the moment, Local Eyes is proudly supporting the largest public transport companies in The Netherlands such as the GVB




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infrastructure planning

Location Data Visualization

Can have access to public and private places with real-time updates.

infrastructure planning

Lower Operation Costs

The faster location information the more money spent on other costs.

infrastructure planning

Accurate Overview of Locations

Including companies listed there


infrastructure planning

Increase Time Efficiency

When you have access to the fastest routes which are not usually accessible, the urgencies can be easier to deal with.


Fleet Management

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Route Optimization

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Learn more about the advantages of Infrastructure planning on the HERE platform.

Interested in learning more about HERE’s competitive pricing models and features of Infrastructure planning? In our detailed one-pager we outline HERE’s main advantage points and compare them to other populair map providers such as Google, TomTom and Mapbox.


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