In The Netherlands, public transport is a vital part of urban mobility helping people commuting around and through cities. Compared to other European countries, public transport in The Netherlands is used by a large majority of the people, estimating that around 4,5 million trips are made each day (total population size of The Netherlands is around 17 million). The GVB is one of the largest public transport companies in The Netherlands, operating ferries, busses, trams and metro’s.

With that in mind, both driver and passenger of GVB rely on location data and services every day to reach their goal. Be it work, leisure or other travel goals; in every step of the journey accurate location data services are key to a pleasant experience.

Luckily, with the help and guidance of Local Eyes; GVB uses the premium services of HERE to facilitate their telematics and location technology on which their vehicles and mobile apps operate.

GVB helps around 1 million every day reach their end goal and with that multiple challenges arise. 


GVB needs to ensure that maps are always up-to-date, including road mutations, hazards and information regarding railway infrastructure.

Secondly, GVB needs to ensure that travellers receive up-to-date information about their upcoming trips including accurate time and location mutations along the route.

Third, make cities more sustainable, reachable and inclusive for any traveller type and posture.

Lastly, make sure to control the efficiency for public transport operators and drivers and to control and maintain a certain cost efficiency.


With Local Eyes as platinum HERE support parter, GVB was able to achieve the following outcomes.

  •  Fast reaction time in case of detours or changing timetables for travellers and operators.
  • Help GVB to plan, schedule and operate bus, metro and tram in an efficient and optimal way so that costs are controlled and detour time was reduced.
  • Planners of GVB are now able to to easily create or modify routes with the HERE routing engine.
  • Ensure efficient crew and vehicle scheduling for optimal performance.

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