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Simplify your day’s deliveries with the HERE Last Mile app, which includes end-to-end support for drivers. 

This app has been specially developed to make work easier for logistics companies and delivery services. This plug-and-play solution is operational within a day so you enjoy the benefits immediately.

As a result? Lower fleet costs, happy drivers, faster deliveries, and satisfied customers.

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Your benefits

Reduce your fleet costs by 20%

Reduce time to replan routes by 90%

Increase driver productivity by 20%

“HERE’s solutions help us increase customer satisfaction, driver satisfaction as well as optimise profitability. Local-eyes as a partner is always available and speaks our language from their extensive knowledge and experience of our market”

– Marc Scott, Executive Officer

Dynamic Route Optimalisation

Satisfy your customers by providing the exact ETAs. Generate Optimal Multi-Stop Routes for your entire fleet, tailor-made for vans/trucks and receive live traffic data. Respond to last-minute changes by updating pending routes. Create custom written for special handling and time sensitive goods.

Recalculate routes wherever you go

Respond quickly to changing road conditions as they arise. Instantly re-optimize routes when adding new jobs or removing canceled deliveries to maintain your ETA.

Offer support to drivers

Provide driver support with the HERE Location app. Keep drivers aligned with runsheets, trip progress, and completed deliveries. Provide turn-by-turn navigation and synchronization of data between web and mobile applications

fuel prices

Lower your costs

Estimates indicate that last-mile delivery is the largest cost in an organization’s supply chain, accounting for more than 40% of total costs. With the HERE Last Mile Application you can save up to 20% on your costs.

Why us?

Strong Support Partner

The Local Eyes team helps you create your dream application. Questions? All you have to do is call!

Clear and Competitive Pricing

Transparent costs, delivered with pure excellence.

Premium Maps Product

As a proud HERE Platinum Partner, Local Eyes offers you a premium maps product that helps you reduce costs and improve your technology.

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