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How Local Eyes delivers Fleet Management solutions.

Local Eyes helps businesses with their fleet management in order for them to meet their business objectives. With the solutions of HERE, we can help your business to optimze routing, save global costs and to assist workers in driving safer. Local Eyes delivers fleet management solutions in various ways. We optimze routing for trucks, taking vehicle physical and legal restrictions into account. For Accurate Estimated Time of Arrival, we calculate metrics based on historical and real-time traffic conditions. Local Eyes is specialized in this field and understands the importance of meeting the SLA's of its customers with better ETAs. Furtermore, Local Eyes can help your business save costs by assisting in a total costs calculation, which takes vehicle category into account and make driving safer with real-time alerts and post-trip analysis.


In short:

  • Optimized routing for trucks taking vehicle physical and legal restrictions into account
  • Accurate Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) based on historic and real-time traffic conditions
  • Help customers meet their Service Level Agreements with better ETAs
  • Total cost calculation solution taking vehicle category into account
  • Enhance driver experience and safety with real-time alerts and post-trip analysis    

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Optimize routing with data specific to heavy commercial fleets

HERE Technologies is the only location service provider with exclusive truck routing, making it possible to plan optimal routes based on truck attributes like maximum height and weight clearance.

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Increase asset utilization with real-time data

Unlike other location service providers, HERE Technologies provides access to real-time data such as split-lane traffic information, traffic safety alerts, and weather, allowing your customers to make better decisions and increase asset utilization.

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Help customers meet their Service Level Agreements with better ETAs

With the largest coverage of the global road network, speed limits and traffic-enabled routing, customers can calculate and communicate more accurate ETAs and shipping costs to help improve end-user satisfaction.

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Lower operational costs with efficient routing

As the only platform with key routing efficiency such as isoline routing, customizable geofencing, and toll cost analysis, customers can plan the most optimal route based on travel time, fuel costs and road tolls.


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Enhance driver experience and safety with onboard features

With customizable mobile applications that integrate rerouting, geofencing and real-time traffic, customers can analyze driver behavior to mitigate risks and increase driver retention rates.


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