Route Optimization

Route Optimization

The Route Optimization API can be used to solve traveling salesman or vehicle routing problems. These problems occur almost everywhere in the world of moving things and people. For example, every company dealing with last-mile deliveries faces a vehicle routing problem, i.e. it must find ways to efficiently service its customers given a variety of requirements: customer requirements (e.g. time windows), the product's transport requirements (e.g. refrigerated, must be picked up first), driver skills, vehicles/capacities available etc..

Even these problems are relatively easy to understand, finding reasonable solutions is way more difficult. You need to calculate travel times and distances on large (road) networks, you need to formalize your vehicle routing problem and to specify your manifold business constraints, you need fast and efficient algorithms and quite a significant amount of computational power.

Local Eyes provides route optimization services or use our API. Please sign up to try it.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor local eyes

Electric Car
Big Car
  • Electric Car
  • Big Car
  • Van
  • Truck
Weight:1580 kg
Driver:Tim Overbeek
Start time:8:00 AM
End time:10:05 PM
KL-8153 DE
Weight:2041 kg
Driver:Miranda Jones
Start time:10:02 PM
End time:11:46 PM
Weight:4535 kg
Driver:Joey Storm
Start time:06:00 AM
End time:09:33 AM
KF-0023 DE
Weight:4970 kg
Driver:Alex Kooijman
Start time:11:15 PM
End time:04:20 AM

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