When Onde needed precise location data to support its white-label ridehailing platform, it was clear that a secure, trusted partner was needed – one that could offer a secure global service given the company’s continued expansion. That’s why they chose, and continue to work with, Local Eyes.

Swift Pivot: Global Opportunities

Active in 70 countries globally – including some of the Middle East’s highest-ranked ridehailing platforms – Onde began life in 2012 as Minsk’s answer to Uber.

However, Onde found its niche in supporting other ride-hailing businesses around the world with its stable and competitive white-label SaaS platform.

As of today, almost 200 ride-hailing brands have launched and scaled their businesses using Onde’s software solution.

Some of Onde’s clients choose to start from smaller cities and urban areas; places that are often overlooked by the big ridehailing companies. A lack of local competition means they benefit from much quicker market penetration and product adoption.

Once they have a solid base of users in a particular location they build on this success by moving to the next. This strategy allows them to stay under the radar of larger competitors and means Onde’s product continues to grow – because of its scalability, speed, and previous successes.

The Right Partners

Finding the ideal product-market fit meant that Onde could begin to scale. However, because of the company’s focus on emerging markets, Onde needed a partner who could offer supported location data from across the globe.

As Onde needed to provide mapping solutions for areas that are often more remote, it was crucial that their chosen mapping solution had broader capabilities – which free mapping software just couldn’t offer.

They began using Local Eyes’ HERE platform two years ago. HERE gives Onde’s developers API access; helping them build driving routes, geocode more accurately, and evaluate precise geolocation data.

It’s also key in ensuring they can provide the best mapping and navigation experience to the end user – which ultimately plays a massive role in the overall success of each Onde customer’s app.

Moving With The Times

Going forward, Onde plans to add new features to bolster its white-labelled platform’s capabilities. For instance, the huge surge in online shopping and takeout dining following COVID-19 has prompted Onde to gear its business towards delivery-focused service – essentially broadening their market: especially in Africa which has seen a surge in usage.

Onde is also growing a franchise business – Lolo – a ridehailing and delivery app that is currently active in Brazil, Belarus, and Uganda. This is a fantastic development and Onde are particularly excited to push adoption of the product in other emerging markets.

The growth Onde has experienced as a startup, with product pivots and adapting to new markets stands them in great stead for the future. Their ability to leverage location data is a true strength and we at Local Eyes are proud to continue supporting them on their journey.