The entire world has had to adjust to new ways of working over the past few months – including the team here at Local Eyes. But despite the challenges, we’ve managed to successfully steer our ship through the troubled waters.

Initially, we made sure everyone at Local Eyes could work from home. And by giving each of our employees a personal budget to set up their own home office, we made sure they were comfortable doing so.

Like most companies that adopted work-at-home practices, communication was conducted via tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Thankfully, as we can operate our dedicated map and data servers remotely, we didn’t need to be physically in the offices. But after a few months, we laid out a schedule to ensure that everyone could work at the office one or two days a week – if they wanted to.

Logistical Pandemic Challenges

For us, in that respect, it was business-as-usual. But the primary sector we operate in – logistics – was busier than ever. FTC Data showed a record surge in online shopping – not least as people replaced trips to the store with home deliveries.

This boom in online orders required logistics companies to step up their game. However, disruptions to international supply chains meant that new strategies were needed. The way goods were delivered from the warehouse to end customers needed remodeling – and still does to some extent.

But, like so many things during COVID, issues didn’t become apparent until it was too late.

Keeping Pace

Continuous advancements in technology and changes in logistical expectations from consumers have introduced an increasingly complex supply chain. This continues to be a challenge we embrace and help customers with.

As a result, to help bridge some of these gaps, the Local Eyes team also had to step up its game – to keep pace with demand. However, we were also fortunate enough to onboard a number of new customers during the pandemic.

We’re proud to announce that, from a joined team effort (and many video calls later), we signed several new clients – including Rijkswaterstaat (the Dutch Department of Waterways and Public Works) and GVB (Amsterdam’s public transport company). We also welcomed Univar Solutions, Arla Foods, Nahdi Medical Company, and several others.

As we adjust into the New Normal era, Local Eyes will work towards growing our global operations while working on some truly challenging projects – giving you the best and latest in mapping technology.

Local Eyes’ transportation management tools help businesses ensure compliance and reduce logistics costs thanks to the HERE Location Platform implementation.

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