There is no doubting the popularity of Google Maps. The navigation service has been downloaded over 10 billion times according to Google Play Store and has many satisfied users. However, many of these individuals may be sticking with the app simply out of habit, unaware that other solutions are available that may provide services that are better suited to their needs.

If you’re ready to branch out from Google Maps to explore some of the other map navigation tools on the market, we’ve provided a list of some of the best alternative google maps below:


Waze is one of the most popular Google Maps alternatives available and its real strength is the way it relies upon crowd-sourced data. Users can share information about traffic delays, hazards, or anything else of note on their route, helping to improve accuracy for everyone else.

Waze’s popularity convinced Google to purchase it in 2013 for over $1 billion. The fact that Google kept Waze as a standalone app, rather than incorporating it into Google Maps, shows that it’s got more than a few dedicated fans. There have been some security worries over the years, however, which have caused privacy concerns.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps has come a long way from its disastrous launch back in 2012, which resulted in CEO Tim Cook offering a public apology and many users finding themselves lost. Today, however, Apple Maps is a first-rate navigation app, complete with the robust security protocols that Apple has become known for.

Although Apple Maps is only available to iPhone users, the fact that its settings are synced across the user’s devices using end-to-end encryption means that these individuals are unlikely to look anywhere else for a mapping tool.

Alternative Google maps


What if you need navigation help but don’t have internet access? In that case, you might want to give Maps.Me a try. You can save your data allowance by downloading maps when you have a Wi-Fi connection and browsing them later when you’re on the move.

Maps.Me comes with traffic info, public transport details, cycling navigation, and points of interest, making it a great option if you’re exploring a new city for the first time. Unfortunately, Maps.Me does serve the user with targeted ads, which could become annoying after a while, but this is a small price to pay for global navigation.


An open-source Google Maps alternative, the OsmAnd app pulls data from the OpenStreetMap location database to provide users with detailed mapping and accurate route planning. This alternative for Google Maps also comes with offline mapping capabilities and is highly customizable, so you can pick what details you want to be included on your maps, including toll roads, street lighting, road surface, and road quality.

OsmAnd uses a freemium model, so users that want to access additional features will have to pay. Non-paying users, for example, are only allowed seven map downloads but hopefully, this will be enough for most users’ navigating needs.

Alternative Google maps


Available in over 200 countries, Here WeGo relies on the same data as that used by the in-car GPS navigation systems employed by some of the world’s largest automotive firms. It also boasts an intuitive interface, real-time traffic data, and offline mapping.

HERE WeGo allows users to set layers for their route, including satellite, transit, traffic, or classic view, just like Google Maps, but it has fewer distractions and is much quicker at route planning. Working across both Android and iOS devices, HERE WeGo represents a great alternative for Google Maps regardless of your chosen device.

Alternative Google Maps conclusion

From privacy-centric options like Apple Maps to community-driven platforms like OpenStreetMap, it’s time to diversify your mapping experience. These alternatives offer unique features, reduced data collection, and more ethical data sourcing. Embrace a change that respects your privacy and supports collaborative mapping efforts. Expand your horizons and give these alternatives a try today. Your navigation choices are no longer limited – experience innovation while taking back control over your mapping journey.