Fundamental to the modern digital economy, APIs allow developers to incorporate essential features into applications, users to enjoy smooth-running programs, and businesses to keep pace with break-neck digital transformation trends. One area, in particular, where APIs have demonstrated their value is in terms of location services.  

The integration of mapping APIs has become essential for a wide range of organizations, with location services frequently deployed regardless of industry. As such, one of the first things businesses must do when launching or updating any tool that makes use of location services is to decide which mapping API is right for their needs. Of course, there will be a range of factors to consider here, from data reliability to functionality, but one element that is unlikely to stray far from the thoughts of business leaders is cost.  

Cost is a significant point of difference for HERE Maps API. In the below article, we’ll outline the different pricing options for users of the HERE Maps API, as well as the possibilities that the API can unlock and how you can access them. 

What is HERE Maps API?

Among several popular mapping APIs on the market, such as Google Maps API and TomTom, HERE Maps API stands out for its combination of reliability, functionality and affordability. 

For anyone still unsure of what an API is, an API (application programming interface) simply provides a way for different software applications to communicate with each other. With an API centered on location services specifically, like HERE Maps API, it provides businesses with the building blocks for creating location-based products and services by facilitating the transfer of geographic-related data, mapping features and other relevant functionality.  

HERE Maps API brings interactivity and customization to your application development, leveraging HERE maps and its growing knowledge base of millions of mapping data points, from addresses to highways, as a foundation. In fact, HERE Maps API actually encompasses a range of different APIs and SDKs (software development kits), each with its own pricing plans. 

How to get started with HERE Maps API 

To begin your journey with HERE Maps API and start creating feature-rich applications, you’ll first need to ensure you have a HERE account. You’ll then need to create a new project before deciding on which services (out of the many offered by HERE) are relevant. HERE Maps API encompasses services such as HERE Geofencing, HERE Isoline Routing, HERE Map Attributes, and many more.  

Once you’ve selected the services you need, creating an application with HERE Maps API is straightforward. First, load the necessary code libraries or modules. If you want optimal performance on mobile devices, you’ll also need to add the right meta-tags. And be sure to establish communication with the back-end services provided by HERE REST APIs to create a working application.  

What are HERE Maps API costs in 2024?

Rather than offering a single set rate, HERE Maps API boasts a flexible pay-as-you-grow pricing plan so businesses are only charged for what they use, with volume discounts provided as organizations grow. There’s also a certain amount of functionality offered for free with most products accompanied by a monthly allocation which is free of charge. 

As well as the pay-as-you-grow transaction pricing, HERE Maps API’s Base Plan also comes with free community support via Slack and knowledge base access, free administrative tools for User & App Management, Groups and Billing, and unique access credentials issued for each application. Subscribers to this plan can also choose one of HERE’s Support Plans and Onboarding Services. 

Rates can vary depending on which HERE Maps API service is being accessed, with vector tiles for HERE Map Rendering, for example, costing $0.066 per 1,000 transactions based on monthly transactions of between 5,000,001 and 10,000,000. Waypoints Sequencing, by contrast, is charged at $4.40 per 1,000 transactions based on monthly transactions of between 200,001 and 1,000,000.  

The biggest advantage of the way HERE Maps API is priced is its flexibility. This enables businesses to scale at their own pace, with their application charged only for its use of HERE Maps API – not some arbitrary figure.  

Why HERE Maps API is a good solution for your business 

Finding the right mapping API for your needs is about more than money – and this is reflected in the customization options of HERE Maps API. Whether your app has millions of users or just a few, you can’t afford for poor functionality to hinder the user experience.  

With HERE Maps API’s flexible pay-as-you-grow pricing model, as well as its free monthly allocation for many of its services, you don’t have to compromise between cost and functionality. With HERE Maps API, you can grow at your own pace while continuing to offer your customers the location services they deserve.  

Choosing the right mapping API isn’t easy, but we hope this article helps to give you a better idea of your options. Local Eyes is the Netherlands’ leading provider of location intelligence and mapping solutions. If you’d like to schedule a call to get some more detailed advice, get in touch with us today.