ULU, also known as Fleetify in the UK and ULU Cartracker in the Netherlands, is on a quest to build the ultimate fleet management platform; using a combination of best-in-class hardware, software, and LocalEyes’ mapping technology.

We caught up with Christian Kerssens, ULU’s CEO, to find out more.

Giving Fleet Managers Tracking Control

ULU is an end-to-end telematics company and service provider. We specialise in advanced electronics for vehicle tracking, and also provide customers with a next-generation software platform which translates data into usable insights and information.

The typical customers we serve are small, medium and large fleets – ranging from solo plumbers with a single vehicle, to government agencies with very large fleets of ambulances, fire engines, or municipal vehicle fleets.

Our key product is our OBD (on-board diagnostics) device which, using a mobile internet connection, can measure pretty much every aspect of a vehicle’s performance. This includes speed, RPM, engine temperature, and vehicle fault codes – as well as their precise GPS location.

Our more advanced black-box solution caters to those who want to collect even more data by allowing further sensor connectivity.

ULU Sensors Destroy Bad Driving

Using our hardware, vehicle data is recorded every second and sent every minute to our cloud platform – which now serves over 50,000 active connections. We also provide both web and mobile-based application layers. Our users visit the main portal to get thorough information about all their vehicles – how far they’ve each been driven, exactly where, and how fast they’ve been travelling.

We can also scan more complex data to offer a new dimension of analytics to users. Using data from on-board sensors, we can measure individual driving behaviour – like cornering, turning, acceleration, deceleration, and more – with the ability to rank good and bad driving.

Many of our customers even hold monthly competitions to rank and award the best and safest driver!

Makes You Drive Better

The sensors also take driver speed with road speed limits into consideration. If someone drives 80 km/h on a 50 km/h road in a company vehicle, they’ll soon be found out.

With this information, managers can not only give their drivers great feedback – they can reinforce safe and responsible driving; which not only has safety implications, it can impact brand awareness too. Because who wants a crazy driver out on the streets representing their business?

Not only that, but the range of use cases our tech can be used with continues to grow. The use of, and access to, real time data can help large fleet owners plan, coordinate, and deploy their resources too – such as during winter when icy roads call for road gritting.

Quality Mapping Data Is Critical

For these reasons, and many others, quality data is critical for us. It’s also what matters most to our customers. And quality is what truly differentiates LocalEyes from other location intelligence companies. We continually cross-reference data from the ‘big guys’ and the results always confirm our choice. The clear distinction you can see between different providers is the quality of the mapping. And to stay relevant in a highly competitive market – we always need the best mapping.

Open Source And Google Are Fine, But…

Smaller companies and startups usually begin with an open-source mapping solution because it’s cheap or sometimes even free, but they lack the precision we need – and can also be a security risk.

Also, since our customers are Europe-based and need to consider GDPR, given the ways in which data is stored. LocalEyes is a European (Dutch) company, their software fits perfectly with the data regulations relevant to us – ensuring we remain 100% compliant.

LocalEyes Quality Mapping Is Critical

Mapping is a genuinely critical component for our business, and therefore we took choosing our provider very seriously. If you want secure, quality data, with multiple features and extended functionality, then you need to invest in a secure, robust software platform.

LocalEyes’ innovative drive and continuous investments into research and development makes their product superior to open source solutions and other providers. Their mapping technology is what gives companies like ULU a competitive edge.

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